BCD Oktoberfest

Since 2012, we Beavers have welcomed the fall season with a renewed zest for life, embracing mindfulness and leaving negativity behind us! For BCD, Oktoberfest is a reminder of how important mutual support is to our success as a team, and an encouragement to keep striving for a positive view of life.

This year, we’re shifting our perspective to find the beauty in our everyday lives. Through “Discover,” the theme of the Y2015 Oktoberfest Photo Contest, our Beavers will capture the loveliness they observe around them with their own photography. Between this contest and the official Y2016 Blue Clover Devices Calendar, we Beavers will share our creativity and passion with our team members, friends, and family.

As our young tradition continues to grow, Oktoberfest will remain one of the many practices that strengthen the incredible BCD team. Being mindful of our advantages helps us motivate ourselves—and each other—to continue producing the best work that we can.

Let’s celebrate this 4th year by practicing gratitude for the loveliness in our lives, and the people we’re lucky enough to share it with!