BCD has moved! Our hardware team and factory moved from Xi Xiang to the Qiaotou area of Fuyong (still part of Shenzhen). We call this new location “BCD Qiaotou” (pronounced CHOW-tow). The last time we moved our factory, about 6 years ago, we tried to find a spot near the Metro but a 30-minute walk was as close as we could get. Fortunately, Shenzhen built a new subway line called Line 11 which opened last year and we found an industrial park just 8 minutes walking from Qiaotou Station. Moreover, Line 11 has several attractive features:

Business Class cars
8-minute departure frequency and more during rush hour
Limited stops in strategic places like Shenzhen Airport and Futian in city center.
New train smell
We have watched Shenzhen’s roads get more and more congested so it’s critical to chose a place that facilitates getting sharp people in and out. This we have done.

Additionally, the 15-building industrial park was recently taken over and refurbished by COFCO with an expressed goal of attracting robotics companies. This means that we are surrounded by a high-calibre workforce which attracts better food and recreation options as well as a talented pool of workers. As we are in the process of staffing up, every advantage we can derive from our location helps.

Mind you, we didn’t inherit anything inside of the space. We had to build it out ourselves. We maintained our design aesthetic of open plan and lots of glass walls. Goods flow logically from the elevator to QC, warehouse, PCBA, and finally finished goods assembly. We are trying a new approach with our lab space by having a "clean lab" for well-documented experiments and a "dirty lab" to learn quickly about various phenomena. This choice was inspired by an interview of Edward O. Wilson who admonished researchers for not being curious enough to run lots of quick and dirty tests. We also did a DIY feng shui analysis. Here’s a little feng shui hack for you if you can’t afford a formal consultant: take a baby with you as they are believed to be way more sensitive to that stuff than adults and they will react immediately to a new environment. If the baby is crying for no obvious reason, you've got feng shui issues.

Finally, I’d like to thank our HR Manager, Lucy Liu, for scouting out the place, negotiating the lease, building out the space, and leading the move in the heat of the Shenzhen summer. This was a big undertaking (over 20 truckloads big), and she tackled it fresh upon returning from her 4-month maternity leave. People ask me all the time what makes BCD so special and the simple answer is the people and the "beaver spirit" with which we work. If you’re in the market for manufacturing the next great IoT device, we invite you to drop by and see BCD Qiaotou for yourself.