Does anyone really lose in a potluck contest? The amazing turnout for BCD South Park's annual Thanksgiving potluck made it almost impossible to pick a winner.

Thanksgiving Feast!

Emily's savory chicken satay may have garnered the most votes, but she faced some stiff competition: our SF Beavers brought their A-game with a smorgasbord of homemade dishes, from garlic and ginger chicken wings to chocolate peanut butter cookies to slow-roasted sweet potatoes to gourmet gluten-free mac and cheese.

At BCD, we're thankful for almost 12 full years of making world-class IoT electronics, which wouldn't be possible without our hard-working Beavers in San Francisco and Shenzhen. Congratulations to all of our Beavers for their continued committed to success as a team!

It wouldn't be the same without our team