Starting this quarter, BCDU is back in session! Over the next two months, 16 Beavers will have the chance to develop their written and oral English in a new program staffed entirely by BCD team members. As an intercontinental team, we’re always striving to improve how we communicate, and speaking English is an especially valuable skill for supporting our international clientele.

A BCD resource for several years, Blue Clover Devices University is more than a training center: it’s a learning and sharing community for all Beavers, and an opportunity for all of us to grow. BCDU offers workshops, historical and cultural education, and lots of fun activities that teach core values, technical knowledge, common skills, and management training.

For all the Beavers didn’t get into this session, we encourage you to reapply for Y2016!  With eight teachers, one teaching supervisor, and one teaching assistant, we want to keep small classes small so that our students get . Keep an eye out for other upcoming BCDU events, including Cloverfield’s Family Day activities planned for next month. BCDU will also be organizing a BCD history tour of the old BCD Shenzhen offices, a core values training session, and a series of technical skill swaps. Thanks to BCDU, we can take advantage of everything we all have to offer and learn from each other!