With the Western New Year not far behind us and Chinese New Year in full swing, BCD is looking forward to Y2016 with optimism and excitement. We have a lot of big plans, and a lot of faith in ourselves to pull it all off. We may be small, but we always set our sights high, keeping in mind our mantra "Small Team, Big Results!”

We’ve been doing just that since our Bay Area branch relocated to the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco last February, and we've expanded in other ways, too. In Last December, our Hong Kong warehouse moved into a larger, more central location, enabling us to provide better logistical services to our clients. We've been finding ways to increase our efficiency across the board: in Y2015, we launched new inventory operations with our two-bin and consignment systems. These will enable us to keep track of components and assemble products more quickly and cost-effectively in the future. We also added a state-of-the-art SMT line, featuring 0201 and 01005 component placement.

One of our goals for 2015 was to acquire new IoT projects while maintaining the excellent service our clientele has come to expect. To accomplish this goal, our SF Bay Area engineering team has more than doubled in size. We welcomed Ivo, Gurpreet, and Niladri to our new office, located right in the heart of the SoMa district, last year.

Attaining our goals meant more than increasing the size of our roster. We've done a lot of work to strengthen our team from the inside, too. BCD Shenzhen hosted events like Family Day and the BCD History Tour. Team building starts from within. It needs to happen through nurturing our community, educating ourselves about our shared history, and celebrating the hard work we all do.

It also comes from sharing skills with each other, and promoting professional development companywide. Employee-run programs, like the Shenzhen office's BCDU English Course, support every Beaver's opportunity to internal promotion when possible. It's our job to encourage every Beaver, as valued members of a team, as they cultivate a lifelong career path. BCDU will also continue offering educational services to all Beavers who always want to “Keep Learning.”

We brought these values and traditions with us to the SoMa office, where last fall we celebrated our fourth annual Oktoberfest with a companywide Photo Contest, as well as our second annual Thanksgiving Potluck.

Keeping up these traditions is how we honor our roots. As we push forward in the IoT ecosystem, we create new traditions along the way. Our values shine through everything we do, something our clients recognize and respect: it's what keeps them coming back, time and time again.

For now, Y2016 already look really promising, with several new IoT products on the horizon. We’re also looking forward to two big events in the next six months: our first year as sponsors at the Bay Area Maker Faire and our first year hosting a social event for San Francisco Design Week.

Everything we do is to create true value for our clients and as long as we prioritize this value, we'll continue to solidify our relationships with the clients we have, while cultivating new ones along the way. For all of our clients—including newer ones like Doblet, Droplet, Compology, and Edyn—we look at every project as a valuable opportunity to nurture a long-term partnership. While changes in location, operations, and capabilities will keep our dynamic company always facing toward the future, some things, like our commitment to this value, will never change.