These days, South Park is a blend of vintage style and hi-tech convenience

The South Park office has changed a lot since we moved to San Francisco last February. Over the last several months, BCD has worked hard to bring this beautiful old building into the 21st century while preserving the things that make it unique.

Our gorgeous antique stove and oven.

These days, South Park is a blend of vintage style and hi-tech convenience. Its vaulted ceilings, brick walls, and functioning lift are in contrast to the rows of Apple monitors and Bretford smart chairs. But it’s the small details, like the antique stove in the kitchen, or the functioning gas lamp in the upstairs bathroom, that bring everything together. Its past as a photography studio is made evident by the old dark room in the basement level (known to the SoMa Beavers as “the dungeon”), but a visitor would never suspect that not so long ago, it was once a milkshake factory.

An ornate gas lamp to accompany bathroom goers.

Just as this building has changed over the years, so has the neighborhood it’s named after. In the wake of the dot com boom, the demographic and socioeconomic makeup of the area south of Market Street has gone through considerable transformation, and many tech companies, including Zynga, Salesforce, and one of our partners, Doblet, have offices here.

Currently, more than half of the office space in this neighborhood is occupied by tech companies. Advertisements for these companies, emblazoned on buildings and billboards, are easily visible from the rooftop patio, where Beavers can take their lunch break in the breezy sunshine.

It's been a busy summer, but plans for further renovation—including a mural on the first floor, a roof garden, and decorations featuring our mascot—are in the works. Now that we're located in a technological hub of San Francisco, the South Park Beavers stay inspired by the energy and innovation going on all around us.