A dying phone is a frustration most of us accept as the price of mobile technology. But Doktor Gurson’s tech startup, Doblet, is making it possible for mobile device users to leave home without worrying about their next charge.

Gurson's solution to the dead battery is as simple in practice as it is in theory: the company distributes its proprietary chargers to local venues (in San Francisco, there are already more than 100 “hotspots," and counting), and the app shows users where to find the nearest venue to recharge their device. After getting their first charge for free, they can either pay per charge or a flat rate for unlimited charging.

Blue Clover Devices was eager to work with Doblet to harness IoT technology to eliminate wasted time and energy. We collaborated with them on the design, certification, and manufacture of the charger—our SoMa office is even a hotspot for nearby users in desperate need of a boost! The result is a product that not only benefits mobile device users who need a convenient way to power up, but the local businesses whose traffic will increase thanks to Doblet's clientele.

The majority of Americans are now smartphone users, and BCD is proud to partner with a company that addresses a need that every single one of them will have. As Doblet's impact continues to grow, BCD will continue to support the creation of brilliant IoT products like this one.