Every new BCD employee reads our company operations manual, BlueBook, to learn how all our departments work together. While on the surface not knowing how another team functions may not seem particularly important, understanding everyone's role is key to Jolie Tan's role as BCD's Business Systems Analyst.

Jolie joined the US office as the designated analyst for Salesforce last year, becoming an internal consultant for all of the systems, like Kenandy, Jira, FinancialForce, Zendesk, and Arena, that keep BCD going. Among her responsibilities are building systems for workflows, like employee expense reimbursement, and upgrading FinancialForce. But her biggest task for Y2016 is facilitating the upgrade to Kenandy 4.0.

"Kenandy is an essential part of our quote-to-cash, planning and production, and supply chain," says Jolie, meaning it affects everyone on the BCD team. The forthcoming upgrade is as complicated as it is important because it affects so many flows of so many teams, including Sales, Dev, NPI, Production, OPS, Finance, and others, and so many functions, including purchasing, product development, shipping, and inventory.

Jolie credits visiting the Shenzhen office earlier this month with helping prepare her for this transition. While she keeps in close contact with many team members with daily emails, chats, and conference calls, her trip over the Chinese New Year was the first time she got to meet most of them in person. This visit, says Jolie, helped her get a better understanding of BCD as a whole, which helps her streamline workflows and increase their efficiency.

"Getting to know each other face to face shortens the distance that's usually between us," says Jolie. Strong communication skills are how we Beavers continue to succeed as a team, even when we're thousands of miles away from each other.

Preparing for the Kenandy upgrade is time-consuming as well as important. As a very complicated system, assuring the smoothness of the transition is critical to ensuring we don't lose or misplace data. The complexity of Kenandy reflects the complexity of BCD's own operations.

For example, BCD purchases and moves around a lot of raw materials for assembly, all of which are a part of a complex series of workflows. It's Jolie's job to organize these flows as efficiently as possible, and to ask, and answer, questions like: How do we record the value of our materials as they move from supplier to warehouse to client/throughout their transitions? How should we record cashflow from different offices? Meeting Shenzhen team members on the ground and addressing theses questions helped Jolie to better forecast and foresee warehouse stocking issues, and develop programs to plan for every contingency.

Whether she's working with the Sales team to optimize CPQs or developing news Salesforce apps, Jolie understands that communication is to maintaining the intricate flows that keep BCD running smoothly.