At BCD, one of the things we love about being in the electronics/hardware industry is the community. Community is built by trust and consistent interaction with one another, so it's always great to meet everyone in-person. Of course, one of the ways to do this is by attending hardware events!

Which is why we're keeping a roster of all the hardware events on our radar. Remember to check back for updates!

Upcoming Events:

All these events are hyperlinked, so you can find more info by clicking on them. We'll be attending the events in bold.

Viewing exhibits is FREE, but if you would like to attend the conference portion you can use the link in the image to get a discount
Attend for beer, pretzels, and sausages on us!

Past Events:

If you have an event you want added to this list, let us know by emailing

By the way, another great way to find local hardware related events is by joining Hardware Massive. Since they have so many events that are updated on a rolling basis, we won't be including their events here. Instead you should check them out at