There are tons of resources on Printed Circuit Boards. We decided to throw our hat in the ring and offer some of our insights too! This page is an index of all our PCBA design related insights.

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A Hardware Designer's Notes (Ramblings) on PCB Design and Testing

Part One:

  1. A History of PCBs
  2. Schematics
  3. BOM
  4. Board Layout
    • Board Size, Shape, and Part Placement
    • Stackup

Part Two:

  1. Board Design Practices
    • Design Rule Check
    • Vias
    • Decoupling (or Bypass) capacitors
    • Return Paths
    • Analong/Digital Mixed Signal Design
  2. Prototyping
  3. Test Points and ICT
    • Mounting Holes
    • Test Points

Rambler's Edition (Part One & Two combined)

Tips & Tricks

When and How to Assemble In-House

Re: Bare PCBs

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