Most of the recent attention on IoT has been concentrated on how connected products are changing the way consumers live their lives. But the impact of connected technology doesn’t end with your washing machine.

If the IoT is the result of individual products communicating with each other through the cloud, then the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is this capability write across the massive industrial systems that power our world. IIoT asks the question: “How can smart machines, sensors, and sensor analytics improve these systems?”

The potential of IIoT for B2B operations is limitless, and this is just one corner of industry that can benefit from it. Using the data generated by machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, manufacturers can not only make these systems more efficient, but more safe and secure, as well.

The practical implications of the IIoT traverse the operations spectrum, from supply chain to sourcing to delivery. With connectivity, manufacturers can monitor machine functionality, track inventory, keep schedules across time zones, and automate processes. IIoT is already transforming every sector of industry by providing data that reduces overhead, cuts costs, and conserves precious resources.

Operational security, safety, and efficiency aren’t the only ways that IIoT can benefit manufacturers. They can leverage the data generated by IoT to grow their businesses by increasing production, diversifying, and promoting innovation. Increased operating efficiency creates a lot of growth opportunities for manufacturers from all sectors.

For example, with sensors in place to determine exactly when a piece of machinery needs maintenance, jet engine manufacturers have been able to use predictive maintenance to decrease maintenance costs and potentially save lives.

The challenges that come with this universe of capabilities are obvious: not only do manufacturers have to decide what kind of information they need, but they need to determine how they're going to collect, analyze, and act on it. Knowing how best to integrate IIoT with traditional manufacturing operations requires a deep understanding of real-time production and the equipment it relies on.

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