Long before Starbucks was around to make us look forward to pumpkin spice lattes, autumn was a bittersweet season associated with both the beauty and devastation of change. On one hand, it was a great harvest season, where farmers could reap the fruits of their yearlong labor. On the other hand, autumn also demanded hard work to prepare for winter.

Nowadays, most of us have the privilege of not having to worry about surviving winter. Instead, we get to focus on finishing strong before the new year! At BCD, one of the ways we’re doing this is by celebrating October. BCD's Bay Area beavers kicked things off with an Oktoberfest celebration, inviting all our friends (new and old) to come celebrate with us over traditional Bavarian fare. Meanwhile, our beavers in Shenzhen are amping up for an October festival to celebrate succeeding as a team and getting to know one another.

Ben in full Oktoberfest gear!

But it’s not enough to just throw great parties (though, our parties are always a blast). Which is why Pete, our CEO, instated an October policy: no negative thinking! During this month, we’re harvesting the fruits of our labor by celebrating all our new friendships and successful projects, while moving forward into winter and the new year with a positive attitude. By doing this, we’re keeping ourselves open to new challenges and their solutions.