In China, one of the biggest holidays is Lunar New Year. During this time the entire country takes a week to celebrate, spend time with family, and rest from the daily grind of work. Any successful multinational will know how to work around the holiday season.

However, at Blue Clover Devices, we take it a step further and work with the holiday season. One of the ways we do this is by making our own company holiday! As I mentioned in Ode to October, at BCD we highlight the month of October as a month of positivity, harvest, and preparation.

October was jam packed month, as we had weekly Oktoberfest celebrations in both SF and SZ. We even travelled all the way to Novi, MI to bring our Beaver spirit to the Automotive Testing Expo! Well, it was really to show off the PLT, but that aside. . .

While I'm sad October has passed, I'm reminded of an old adage:

"Take a picture, it'll last longer"

Pete, Malcolm, and myself at our booth at the Automotive Testing Expo!