At Blue Clover Devices, we like giving gifts that make life better. Share the love with just a few of the IoT-enabled products that help their users live their best lives!

Nature Lovers will love you for gifting the device that gives plants exactly what they need. Combining environment-specific data with info about your local weather, the Edyn Garden Sensor uses connected technology to generate a customized watering schedule. With this smart and sustainable irrigation tool, your favorite gardener can always expect a healthy, thriving harvest.

The average City Dweller will probably argue that making urban life more convenient is the greatest gift of all. Get them a subscription to Doblet, the world’s first fully app-driven portable battery network, and eliminate the need for a charger away from home. Having one less thing stress about? That's truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether it's the coworker with the always-empty inbox, the super parent who never misses a recital, or the student who color-coordinates their iCalendar, we all know someone who loves to stay organized. But even the most meticulous Planner will find a use for Droplet, the smart reminder with a million applications. With its easy-to-use app, you can organize and track everything you need to do—from taking medication to picking up the kids—while building good habits along the way. Your Planner will definitely make a note to thank you.

And then there's the gift that has a little something for everyone. The tech-savvy Weekend Warrior will wonder how they did it all before the NomadClip. This steel-reinforced carabiner is the only one on the market that's IoT-enabled, making it just as smart as it is tough. Equipped with a lightning cable and a Micro USB, the NomadClip is designed to work with any mobile device: Android, Apple, Windows Phone, or Blackberry. In the city or out exploring, the NomadClip is versatile enough for the connected life.

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