The BCD South Park Holiday Party wasn't just about the food or the games (or even about geeking out over the Star Wars trailer). As we reflected on everything that's happened over the course of 2015, our founder Pete gave us a little reminder of just why our mascot is a beaver.

Beavers are nature's engineers. Tireless and endlessly resourceful, they depend each other for their every achievement. By identifying ourselves in these funny little mammals, we're honoring the spirit of teamwork and optimism that's gotten us where we are today.

Because 2015 was a great year for Blue Clover Devices! There were too many achievements to list them all, but some of the accomplishments for our highlight reel include:

  • Forging exciting new partnerships with incredible up-and-comers like Nomad, Doblet, and Droplet.
  • Continuing to make brilliant IoT products with partners we've known for years.
  • Relocating our US branch into an office in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco.
  • Expanding our talented team of engineers with new talent for firmware, cloud backend, and app development.
  • Upgrading to a high-precision, high-speed SMT line in our Shenzhen factory.
  • Teaming up with industry colleagues—like DCL, Flexport, and Particle—to offer more complete and modern supply chain solutions to our clients.
  • Making plans for all of the awesome events we have planned for 2016.

At BCD, we are passionate about hard work, and we like to think it shows. As we go into 2016, we remain committed to leveraging the power of IoT to create a more beautiful world and eliminate waste in all its forms.

To all of our friends, colleagues, partners, and supporters, Blue Clover Devices sends our gratitude and best wishes for the New Year!